segunda-feira, março 15

Ok. You got it!

Ayesha, Francine and Lorenzo, I am not very good at doing as I am told, that's why this blog took so long to happen. When I was creating it today, I found out that I had actually registered it in 2007. Only registered. And abandoned it completely. Three years later, it finally comes to life.

Ten years ago I left Brazil to spend a year in Australia. I don't have to say the return ticket was never used and we (me and my family) made the world our new home.

Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and now Bahrain. Our caravan consists of five "people". My husband Fabio, who makes me laugh every day, my two gorgeous daughters Anita and Lia and our cute cavalier king Charles spaniel : Mia!

I decided to share with you the pleasure and the pain of living "out and about".

Wish me luck! And welcome to my life!

3 comentários:

  1. all the best inaie .. I think i better start one as well ... soon soon .. :)


  2. Ficou de olho na coisa...hehe.
    Yu're the best.

  3. Adorei! Virei aqui sempre que possível me divertir com você :). Beijo e saudades