segunda-feira, março 15

Finley Quay

I got four tickets to see Finley Quay in Bahrain. Unique opportunity, so I quickly called three other friends and invited them to go with me.Off we went.

Andrea, Yolhi and Francine. We had a great time drinking, laughing and dancing.

The next day Dee (the girl who gave us the tickets) wakes me up :

- Good morning! How was the show?
- It was great, we had a blast!
- And how was Finley?

oh darn! How do I tell her we though he was a bit out of tune?

- The show was really fun, we danced, and laughed... ( aha! I was vague enough...kkk)
- Inaie, Finley did not show up! He was stuck in Amsterdam, did not even make into Bahrain...

Long silence...

I quickly hung up and called the other three, who also did not realize the star of the performance never came...kkkkk

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