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Wedding ceremony

When I first got married, i was 21, even "stroppier"than I am today, if one can imagine such thing.
I am not religious, byt my dad ( who is also not religious) is a very important figure in my life. I really, really wanted him to walk me down the isle.

So I convinced him to do so, and went out searching for the perfect wedding dress.

I went straight to the "bride's street, in Sao Paulo. They have hundreds of bridal shops, one next to the other. One would have MY dress, right?

Well, if it did, it was hidden somewhere because after hours searching for it, I realized that was not going to happen. I better design my own gown. I chose a shop, a designer who seemed modern and funky enough and started giving my instructions:

Short dress, coming all the way up to my neck, pearls to make it pretty. A nice veil and a bridal garland on my head. Long sleeves - The wedding is in winter.

I looked at it, and it seemed sort of ok, but it was not me. YET!

You know what?

Make a zig zag finish on the skirt, just like if I had dozens of triangles ending the dress.
He seemed to like the idea.

Just make a huge diamond shape on the back, I want a bare back.
He agreed without complains.

Now separate the sleeves from the dress.
The stylist looked appalled, but did as he was told and two more diamonds appeared.

I looked, looked, and decided my big boobs were being neglected, so I asked him to open a diamond shape where my cleavage should be.
He protested a bit, but I won the battle.

The final touch was a diamond shape over my belly button.

The stylist tried hundred arguments to convince me to cover all this shapes with a fine fabric, so it would be see through, but not bare.

I listened, but I knew what I wanted - and the dress was perfect. It looked so much like me. Full of personality, different and fun.

To be bride like, I added a trail, a veil and a bridal garland and we were done.

My dress looked stunning!
Unfortunately my dad had a bad moment and trew all the pictures in the bin. I will never be able to post them here.


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  1. Ah naooooo!! Li o texto todo louca pra ver a foto do vestido no final do post!! Pede pra algum convidado, please!!! Alguem tem que ter essta foto... to curiosa!!