sábado, janeiro 15

The dentist

I took my children to get their teeth cleaned and asked the dentist to give them a check up. In the end of the consultation, the desntist called me and said:
- One of Lia's teeth has a big cavity. So big we should do a root canal, but it will be better if we just pull the tooth out.
I lost my balance, almost cried, and just gathered enough energy to say:
- No one will pull anything from my child's mouth. Copy the X ray into a disk, give it to me. We are leaving now.

I sent a copy of the X ray to Brazil, to a dentist I trust and immediately started looking for another dentist. I searched, searched and searched, then I finally found a Lebanese dentist who graduated from a university in California.

We got there, she said:
- We have two options
Before she said anything I interrupted:
- No one will pull her teeth...

The dentist looked terrified.
- Of course not. Who said that?
- Dr Ali Mattar said we had to pull her tooth out, that would be the best option.
- - Actually, I want to try a new technique I learned in USA and avoid the root canal. If that does not work, we may have to go for a root canal, but extraction is out of question.

I cried my eyes out, hugged the dentist and sat down, happy Lia's tooth would be safe.

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  1. Não entendo muito inglês, mas pelo que me parece, vc levou seus filhos no dentista e um deles sugeriu arrancar o dente da sua filha ao invés de fazer canal. Vc ficou desesperada, logicamente, e achou um outro dentista que disse que arrancar o dente da sua filha seria a última opção (ainda bem!!)que iria fazer um tratamento de canal.
    Foi isso?