quarta-feira, janeiro 5

As promised: the day I slapt the taxi driver

2005, I was living in Sharjah, UAE. I had all kinds of sad experiences with taxi drivers who had no clue where to go, how to speak English or how to clean his car. I was pissed off already.

Coming back from Dubai, Rosana and I decided to share a cab. he would leave her at her place and drive me home, her apartment was on my way, anyway.

She put her things on the back of the car and we took off. When she arrived, she got off the car, and went around it, to take her shopping bags.

The driver just drove off.

I asked him to stop. I signaled, i mimed, I yelled and screamed. When I saw the big avenue approaching, I lost my cool and gave him a big slap on the shoulder. It surprised him and he stopped immediately.

Rosana managed to get her belongings and I pretended nothing had happened. He did not say I word, I did not say a word. But he could not take his eyes off me the rest of the journey. My theory is that he fell in love...

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