quinta-feira, janeiro 13

It is easier to tear it apart than it is tu put it together

Yesterday i received a phone call from a translation company, asking me to find 20 interpreters to go to Kuwait to work with the Argentinian committee.

- But I don't speak any Spanish.

- I know. But you are well connected. You will find them... They will need to fly to Kuwait on the 15th to work on the 16th and maybe the 17th.

- WHAAAT ?? That's in two days time. And we need visas!

I hung up, started making calls. I called my friends, my acquaintances, my enemies, random people. I spoke to strangers in cafes and restaurants. Anyone who knew a translator would be game. After hundreds of calls, I finally managed to get the people I needed. 20 translators. My last phone call was at 11 pm. The last fax I sent with the documentation was 7 am the next morning.

Today we waited all day for a response from Immigration. Most of us would need visas to get to Kuwait and sometimes they are not the easiest to get.

At 9 pm I finally managed to get an answer. The deal was off. Argentina decided to bring their own translators.

I was sad, frustrated and border line furious. 30 minutes later I had already called everyone involved and canceled the project.

I had to call people who had already organized nannies to look after their kids, people who had taken days off work to be able to travel to Kuwait, people who have  planned their week around this trip.


6 comentários:

  1. Não fica triste, vc fez o que precisava ser feito!
    Uma pena que não deu certo. Fica para a próxima.
    Um abraço

  2. Caramba que canceira heim?

    Vim te responder a cabeceira da cama, no posto o qual vc comentou é de tábuas, que foram recilcadas e pintadas....


    Joana Campos

  3. That must have been infuriating!!!

  4. obrigado pela visitinha ...beijos

  5. Inaie,
    Será que dápra fazer pelo Mercado livre?
    Por lá vc pode pagar com cartãoo, né?

  6. Ai que situação Inaie ....

    Pôxa,se fosse eu, tinha descascado o cara, hahahaa!