domingo, janeiro 2


Yeah - I remember when my weight was 50 kgs and I was not allowed to donate blood because I was too light. Ok, I was 17, so what?
Then I remember walking into the maternity ward to deliver my daughter and my weight was 63 kilos. Baby and all.
After that I settled for a low 60 weight and was sort of happy with it, but for over a year now, I am on the 70's mark.
It is depressing, I feel ugly, fat and irritated.
Nothing fits me, I get so pissed of, it is not funny.

So, to change this pathetic situation I decided to join a collective online diet. Several Brazilian bloggers  will diet together, help each other, hold hands and exchange experiences. I hope it works - for me and for them.
If it does not, I hope the humiliation of posting my weight here will do the trick.

Today, January the 3rd I am 71.3 kg.
Shame on me...

Every Monday I will post an update on this journey. Please hold my hand!

3 comentários:

  1. Inaie, Obrigada pela força na dieta coletiva, não sou muito disciplinada... Vamos ver no que vai dar...

    One big 2011 for you!


  2. Pode parecer futilidade, mas uma questão que me deixa deprimida é estar acima do peso, é como se não fosse eu. Sei que felicidade não é só isso e sou feliz por ter uma boa família,emprego,casa, etc, mas o peso de incomoda SIM. Vamos juntas seguir esse caminho da dieta coletiva que nos levará à vitória.