sexta-feira, janeiro 14

half marathon

Fabio runs, and he has been training for the half marathon for a while now.
A couple of times I asked him what time would he "arrive". In Portuguese we use the same work for arriving and crossing the finish line.
Every time I asked, he said he would arrive around 11.

I am a sleepy head. I love my sleep.

Today I woke up earlier, Lia canceled her plans and we headed to Seef Mall, where the half marathon would finish. We were careful and arrived at 10:40, to make sure we would not miss him.

To my dismay, when we got there, he had already finished and was heading to the car parking, to go home.

When I asked what happened he said he though I was asking what time he would be back home.

I was so disappointed, I have no words to explain it...He run 21 Km and we were not there to celebrate his achievement...

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