terça-feira, novembro 2

my grandparents

Some time ago, I wrote about my grandma here, in this very same blog. You can read the posts here , here and  here

My cousin, who lived with her, and claim to be the only "real grandchild", found some of the letters my grandpa wrote to her, along the years. I finally understood why she left us recently. She could no longer be away from him.

This is the poem he wrote to her on their 41 st anniversary. They were married for 53 years when he passed away.

I just feel this urge to hug and kiss both of them...

I will remember our old times
Because the past is also part of life

When you were young, your hair was blond
and you wore it in two gorgeous long pony tails 

I did not met you by chance
It was my destiny

You were just a child
I was only a boy
I met the girl you were
And in our games, you were my girlfriend

We never thought the time would pass by

And the time did pass by...

All of it just seems like a mistery
The most magic thing that could happen
Real love was born, inside a cemetery

Everything that happened
It purely the truth, no tale
And with the force of our destiny and God's help, 
We are still together

Everything I wrore here
Stayed behind, in those days
Now we are here, living the present 

Happy, Thank God

but just a little tired

I would like to be a poet, or a great writter
to be able to write many pretty words

In the past, I loved you a lot
Today is our 41st anniversary and I love you even more

Your hair is silver

like the waves in the ocean 
Your face is wrinkled, your eyes are tired
but i still want to kiss your lips

I am no poet, so I can't write pretty poetry

But we know how to love and live in peace
Our home is not pretty
But it is filled with so much love, it makes it gorgeous
Some even call it " Father Thomas ranch"

God bless you and this day. It brings us so much happiness...

 Now  you tell me... Isn't it just amazing??

6 comentários:

  1. It's marvelous...I loved my grands so much too...xx

  2. Lindo, muito lindo mesmo.
    Isso sim é amor! Fiquei emocionada.

    Bjs no coração!


  3. Olá Inaie!
    Obrigada pela visita e comentário!

  4. Incrível sim e muito bonito!!!
    Muito belo o blog.

  5. It is amazing, indeed! I was touched =) I thought I would hear something like this from my husband one day. But he became an ex-husband first. lol.

    Oh, and I decided to write in both Portuguese and English partly because of your example. I don't live abroad, but Portuguese alone can limit the number of your visitors, right? =)

  6. Ola Inaie,
    Passei aqui por curiosidade, pois li um comentário seu muito próprio em outro blog.
    Gostei bastante do seu espaço, voltarei mais vezes.
    Um beijo,