terça-feira, novembro 9


I have mentioned here before that I have a bunch of trainees. They are fun, but very hard work.
Another day, I was talking to them, and one of the guys said something to her friend in Arabic.
I demanded to know what that was all about. but they both refused to tell me.
I took note of the work, and asked the FILIPINO recepcionist if she knew what MARFADA meant.

She was pretty quick in replying:

- It means useless. Oh!! What were they referring to? Did they call YOU useless or YOUR class?

I was hurt. And angry. And sad. And because I am a very well balanced individual, I called the director of the institute and demanded a meeting with him, ASAP.

I did not sleep well that night.

I was going to demand the student got expelled. And I wanted an apology. I did not want to teach this group any longer. And if possible, could he please arrange a beating?

From my side, I was going to come in and say:

- Well, obviuolsy yo know too much or too little, so we will find out what it is ( and I would give him a test - a surprise test).

Oh dear, was I pissed off?

That morning I went shopping with a Libian friend, just before my meeting. I casually asked:

- So, what does marfada means?

- It means wallet.

- ummmm - what else?

- Nothing else. Some people use it to refer to bags, but it is not right.

- Are you sure? Sure, sure?

I explained the story to her, and she could not stop laughing...

- You asked the Filipino receptionist? Are you serious? KKKKK

When I got home, i run to the books my trainees use and checked the last exercise they had done. Sure enough, there was a picture of an open MARFADA, with money coming out of it.


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  1. heheheheh Adorei! A gente fica mesmo paranoica com essas coisas!!!! E quando passam bilhetinho na aula?! Quero MATAR! Quanto ego! rs

  2. Putz que fora!!
    Muito boa história.
    Um beijo,