terça-feira, novembro 9


I am lucky enough to have 3 had grandmas. I have spoken about one of them a couple of times here but I never mentioned Grandma Lide. Until now.

Today would be her 78 birthday. She was exactly 40 years and 1 month older than me and I was her only grandchild. My grandma left me 20 years ago. I never got over it.

I remember spending  my holidays with her, going to her house only to be around her. There were no other kids, we never went out do do anything. To be with her was enough. I don't even remember talking much.

She cooked for me, she cared for me - my mother would take me to her home every time I was sick, since I was a baby, and leave me there until I recovered. And we lived over 200 km away from each other.

I remember her taking me to the manicure, to the market ( where I could buy my own fruits and veggies), I remember going to the butcher for her and even remember when I went to the cold store to buy eggs - and came home with a dozen of broken eggs. I was so happy to go out on my own, I skipped all the way back - and the eggs suffered a bit. She did not say a word about it.

She taught me how to make lots of things.

And when I was 10, she told me she had cancer. I remember three surgeries, one amputation and 8 years later, loosing her to this stupid disease.

I also remember being so lost, I kept calling her number for months after her death - hoping she would just pick up the phone.

When Anita, my first baby was born, she left the hospital wearing the clothes my grandma made for my first baby. It was spring, the sun was shinning and Anita had her green wintery, warm baby clothes on. I did not care - they were my grandma's present. It was just too special.

I am sad she did not live to see the person I became. I am sad she never met my husband, my kids, she never got to share my adult life with me.

All she got were my childhood years and my stroppy teen years. poor grandma...


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