segunda-feira, novembro 8


I remember once, when we were living in New Zealand. Lia, my youngest was only 5 years old and our family went to a beer tasting. All kids playing outside, all fun and games. The adults having a blast with the beer expert.

In the end, the guy lined us up and asked:

- Who liked this beer the most? And this one? And the third?

And people were raising their hands accordingly. When he got to the lat beer, Lia ( the 5 year old child), raised her little hand.

Everyone laughed, I hugged her and said:

- Darling, these questions are only for people who are drinking....

She looked at me, pointed at the bottles and said:

- That one is too bitter, that is too sour, I don't like that one, that's why I am voting on THIS...

Oh Crap!! 

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  1. Olá Inaiê!
    Tudo bem?
    Mas que blog lindo, colorido..... muito fofo!
    Obrigada pelos seus 2 comentários no meu blog viu?
    Grande abraço!

  2. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Que gracinha!!!
    Crianças são demais mesmo.
    Bom dia Inaie.