segunda-feira, novembro 22


Anita was about 5 when her friend's mum got pregnant again. Anita knew all too well how babies are made, we always never told our kids any tales. You ask a question, you get an answer. Simple as that.

But when her friend told her how her baby brother or sister was conceived, Anita came home furious:

- Mum, you lied to me. My friend told me how the baby ended up inside her mums belly and it had nothing to do with the story you told me.

- Oh... and what did she say?

- She told me her mother fell asleep and her dad put the seed in her belly while she was sleeping. She did not even noticed!

Who am I to discuss people's sexual preferences?

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  1. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA FANTASTIC!!!! =) Congrats on the punch-line! It made my day!

    About my post: Nothing hurts. Not anymore =)

  2. good one :)
    Parents often feel tongue-tied and awkward when it comes to sex. But the subject shouldn't be avoided.