sexta-feira, novembro 12


My kids are 12 and 14 now, and I miss their childhood like crazy. Today I will share something that happened to us in New Zealand. Anita was only 6.

Every day after school she went to an after care program at a friend's house. Their kid was also 6 and it worked well for both of us.

Anita was still learning her manners - and I noticed she would have no ceremony in getting the last piece of bread, the last beef, the last spoon of rice from the table, so I explained:

- In our home you can eat whatever you want, and as much as you want, but when we are at other people's homes, we always leave food in the serving dishes. We never get the last piece or the last portion.

I thought I was clear enough, and did not give it a second thought. Then this friend from the after care program, invited us for dinner, and Anita took the last piece of meat and ete it as if I never said anything.

When I got home, I confronted her:

- Anita, when we are in other people's house, we never get the last piece or the last portion from the serving dishes - and you took the last piece of meat.

- Of course I did. That is NOT their house. They only rent it...

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