quarta-feira, novembro 10

One sofa, two sofas...what now?

Just over a year ago, we moved from a gorgeous fully furnished apartment to a big unfurnished house. It is closer to Fabio's work, it is right in front of the school, we have grass for Mia...it is all good. But we had no furniture, so we had to go out and buy the essentials.

We bought beds, sets of drawers, tables, chairs, a sofa set...all we needed. But in the new house, we have three "living areas" and the money was only enough for one set of sofas.

For a year I dreamed about sofas, I wanted them bad, until last week, we finally decided to get a new one.

The new sofa is gorgeous and ultra comfy. We were very happy. Everyone still is, but MY HAPPINESS  lasted for a couple of days, and then I realized my parties would never be the same with the two sets.

For a year, I had the most versatile of all environments, and I could adjust the house to the party, with no issues.

Dancing party?   Drag the sofa set to one room and you have a whole dancing floor...

Dinner? 20 people? Drag the sofa set to the dancing floor and you are as good as a restaurant...

Sophisticated visitor? Dismantle the restaurant, bring the sofas back and you have a good open plan dining/living area

Good old friends? drag to sofa back to the TV room and we can all scatter all over the place.

And now?? Now I have sofa sets everywhere. No more dancing floor, no more restaurant!!

Oh, dear...

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