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If you live inthe first world and is not rich, please do not read this post, or if you do, try to imagine a different reality, in a place where labour is cheap and life is unimaginable without domestic help. Please don't judge me. Or do, but don't tell me.

Just remember I am a Brazilian girl, living in the Middle East. This is part of my reality.

If you understand the ultimate need of a house maid, please read, and HELP!

I had a gorgeous, efficient, brilliant part time Phillipino maid who was just perfect for me, but my hubby felt we needed a full time person, to clean after our mess day in day out. God, are we capable of messing the house or what?

After a long time looking for this person, I finally found someone to move in. She is only 23, very smilie and has great intentions. She comes from Ethiopia. The problem is her ability to perform tasks without screwing up, and my inability to train her or to deliver helpful, constructive feedback.

I will share my problems with you and hope you can give me some insight!

Creativity -  she hides everytinh she touches, and then she does not have a clue what I am looking for, because her English is very limited!

Initiative - She does whatever she feels like, feels ultra proud of it and I do not have the heart to tell her no one asked for it because we DID NOT WANT IT!

Organization - All clothes end up in someone else's wardrobe. I have instructed her to wash Anita's clothes one day, Lia's on the next, so she would not mix them up. She still does - and even mixes mine and Fabio with the girl's. It is almost impossible to figure out where our clothes are...No, she does not like asking questions.

toc, toc, toc - she wears the most annoying shoes, and makes this noise all day long.

more initiative - I told her not to wash my clothes, or Fabio's. But she does, and she mixes all colours and fabrics together - guess what? We have damaged clothes every week.

Responsibility - she left the gate open and my dog run away. The dog is very small and not road smart - we were lucky she was not killed by a car and the neighbor brought her safely home.
 Another time I explained to her she had to stay in the house every night when I was in London, so the dog would not be alone ( and would have fresh water and food every day). Nothing different from what she does when we are in the house, but she though I would not find out and simply locked the dog in and left for over 48 hours...

Aesthetics - my sculptures are always backwards, sideways or on the wrong place.

Honesty - nothing ever disappeared, but my creams seem to be very watery lately...

Cooking - she can not cook western food ( so I cook my own), but she cooks ethiopian food for herself, and the house stinks.

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  1. you need to invest time and patience, at least one month, followed by another month of regular follow up and feed back. a lot of the cases, it brings good results, in some case, no chance. no chance = chuck out; improvements = more hard work from you. Ever wondered why you and i keep part timers? and why did you let the man decide? your fault!

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  3. I think you need an African maid.