sexta-feira, abril 8


Why do we pay insurance? To feel protected or just to feel less vulnerable?

Of course my car has full insurance and after the accident, I had to make a claim. The process, once again was very intelectual and fullfilling.

- Sit there. That agent will help you.

I sit and wait

- I think it was your fault.
- I think you were the person at fault at the accident.
- But I did not even give you the documents. You have no idea what happened...
- True. But you look guilty

** I swallow my desire to beat the crap out of him and give him the paperwork**

- You are not covered by the policy
- Not covered. Your driver was drunk
- Look, I do not speak, read or write in arabic, but my driver was not drunk. the pedestrian, who jumpedin front of my car was drunk. And I don't know the guy, have no conection, have no clue who he is.
- In the report it says it was your driver whow as drunk
** I swallow my hunger for violence and call Mr X - the same one who gave me a hard time getting the report, the same one who bought me lunch. In minutes the case was solved. The insurance guy hung up the phone, told me everything was ok, the pedestrian was drunk and it was not my fault. he also reimbursed me for the costs for the report and police charges. **

I went home quite happy, and ALMOST feeling guilty for thinking horrible things about the creepy police officer. After all he was probably not a bad person.
But don't get too excited, my insurance saga is not over...

next morning I get a phone call, 7 am from the insurance people:

- Hello! Your claim was rejected.
- But you approved it yesterday, I have all the papers.
- Come here and I explain

I had chills going down my spine once again. All that come here, all over again?

I had no option, so off I went. My stomach hurt, I felt sick and really angry. On my way there I called some friends and managed to get the number for a couple of lawyers. if things did not work, i would just go bananas and sue everyone.
After a long wait and lots of stupid and futile chat, i understand what they were trying to say:

The court case was not finished yet, so I had to pay the excess ( 125 US$) and give back the money they gave me yesterday ( 32 US$).
- So the claim was approved?
- Yes.
- And my car will be fixed?
- Yes.
- And you will pay the bill?
- Yes.
- AND WHO WILL PAY FOR MY BYPASS when I have a heart atack with this stupid phone calls?

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  1. you got my blood boiling too hard! i could kill them all, perhaps we could make friends with some of the military and borrow some guns ;-) only kidding.
    did you not ask for a replacement car? in case you need more fun :-\