quarta-feira, abril 20

First job interview in Bahrain


A while ago I was called for a job interview to be a call centre supervisor for a local site.

I only have what fit into my suitcase with me (my stuff has not arrived from NZ yet) , so I had to make the best of my reduced wardrobe and buy some new shoes to impress my prospective employers.

The interview went sort o ok. The highlights:

- From your CV we are concerned you would be stepping back, as this is only a supervisor job and your previous roles were in the management range.

- It is really a matter of perspective, because in Bahrain I am a house wife and a supervisory job would actually be a promotion. ( SCORE)

- You are probably used to top class technology and we are very far behind - how do you think you would adjust to it?

I think I convinced them was flexible and adaptable, because the next thing I heard was:

- So when can you start?

- Can I please ask a couple of questions first?

- Sure!

- What language does the call centre operates in?

- 80% Arabic 20% English

- And i would take care of the English speaking team, right?


- Right?

- No. Actually you are going to take care of the whole team.

me - ????

still me - And surely you have some ideas on how I can quality control in a language I do not understand or speak. i would like to have a brief description of it, if you don't mind.

Them - ???????

- And I would also like to understand how I will be able to take escalations from local callers.

Them - ????????????????

I went home more confused then I arrived. they promised to think about these valid points I raised and come back to me. Luckily they never did!

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