terça-feira, abril 5

End of the story?

Today I woke up at 11:30. yep, I tell no lies. I slept like an angel, and when i woke up, there was a missed call from a number I did not recognise.
When I called back, imagine my surprise to find out the call was from the man from the traffic department...

- Hello, I have a missed call from this number. My name is Inaie.
- You want report?
- Uh?
- You want report? For insurance.
- Oh, yes, of course I do!
- You come? You come now?
- No, sorry. I live too far. It will take me at least one hour, maybe more.
- No problem. I wait. Close 12, but I wait.
- That will not be necessary - I can colect it tomorrow, no problem.
- No. I wait. Come today.

I call FAbio and ask him to please, please, go and colect that report for me.My stomach is inside out and I am feeling horrible, just considering going back there... Men queuing up to look at my face, this guy keeping me there unnecessarily, all the crap I had to handle and will probably have to go through again.

Unfortunately Fabio can not go, he can not leave his work place. I understand, but I feel very sad. Not sad with him, but sad for having to face all of it once again.

Then the phone rings and I recognise the number. It is the policeman again.

- Inaie speaking.
- You coming?
- yes, but I will take a while, will be there around 1 ish.
- No problem. Come 1, 1:30, 2. i wait...

Then I had the most brilliant idea and asked Alasdair, my friend, to come along. I did not explain much, just told him I felt uncomfortable going alone.

When we arrived at the traffic department, the receptionist was quick to say:

- He waiting. Go his office...

I got his office number incorrectly and the gentleman there said:

- N0. You looking for Mr X. Other room. He waiting.

When we got there, he was actually not waiting. He was nowhere to be seen. We sit and wait, then Alasdair says:

- Did you notice there is a long line of men coming to check on you? They pass, pretend to be going somewhere, look inside the room, see me with you, feel uncomfortable and leave fast!

- Yesterday they would just stop at the door and stare at me. It is better today. kk

Mr X finally comes back to his room. he enters all smiles, sees Alasdair and loses his grin, but keep the meeting professional. he hands me the report and leave the room to get my receipt.

At 1 pm sharp, a man enters the room bringing lunch. Lots of it. two plates, two forks. The guy is smilling, until he meets Alisdair gaze, then he just look down and leave the room as fast as he came in.

Alisdair is having a blast. now he says:

- You just missed out on lunch, that was for you...

I recognise the man. he is the same who kept telling me yesterday:

- Mr X, good man, Mr X very good man...

Mr X comes back, hands me the receipt and we leave the place in less than 20 minutes. Yesterday and the day before I acomplished much less and had to cope with over 2.5 hours of stalling.

I was so grateful to Alasdair, he will probably never know how much. i felt protected, cared for and safe.

Tomorrow my saga with the insurance company begins!

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  1. In the first half of today, you say "Men queuing up to look at my face". are you sure you don't want to refine the sentence to reflect the truth? You should have insisted Alisdair gets you the lunch you missed!

  2. Inaie querida gostaria muito de ouvir sua opinião no meu post nomeado "Desabafo", quando der dá uma passadinha lá tá ... bjo

  3. Penso que é a primeira vez que entro em seu espaço. Gosto da forma que escreve e do formato do blogue. Estarei sempre por cá para lêr teus belos postes. Vou ser seu seguidor, seja meu também em:


    Um grande abraço e tudo de bom. Bom fim de semana.