domingo, abril 10

Freedom of speech

I joined a group of journalists on facebook. Joined because on my previous life I was a journalist - and because I have a degree and a professional registration number to guarantee my right to claim to be one.

In a couple of weeks, more than 1000 people joined. It was a total success, and I was happy to be there. Superficial discussions, light conversations, all good. And I could meet several professors and colleagues.

A couple of days a go, one of my professors was excluded from the group because he got a bit excited during a discussion and abused someone's mother. I tell no lies - a 60 year old man, got upset in a web discussion and called a colleague's a son of a bitch. The moderator excluded him - the perpetrator, not the one who had the mother abused.

Giba, the professor is a funny guy. He swears, he is controversial, he calls people names ( when I was in his class he was convinced I was a lesbian - and of course, told me so. I never replied - I don't think my sexual preference is any of his business).

But the story got to my nerves. I don't agree with him. i think he does not have the right to abuse others, but I also don't think the moderator has the right to exclude him. Hey, are we kids now? The guy opens a facebook group then when he does not like something he simply says:

- My ball, my backyard, my rules?

Fuck him! I am complaining, and complaining and complaining about Giba's exclusion. If it was put up for votes, I would have voted to exclude him, but now that he was arbitrary excluded, I am against it.

And you know what? I personally know both of them. Giba called me a lesbo and the moderator, worked in the same place I worked when I was still at Uni - and the bastard tried to kiss me in a dark corridor.

On a personal level, I have reasons to dislike both of them!! On an ideological level, I defent their rights to say whatever bullshit they feel like!

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  1. Interesting! but for the main theme of the post, i fully understand how you feel.

  2. Amizade é tudo na nossa vida!

    Boa semana pra vc, bjus!