sexta-feira, abril 29

Party! Party! Party!

Everyone knows how much I enjoy parties - and how lazy I am, so to merge both traits, i created the "inaie party style".

I invite amazing people - and that's pretty much all I do. I ask each guest to bring a plate of "whatever", bring some booze and I hire a waiter to serve stuff and a maid to keep the kitchen going ( and clean the mess afterwards), so as I said, I do nothing.

Because my parties are always so little work, I spend the day doing other things, then I have a nap just before the guests arrive and take a shower while the door bell is already going. Sounds good?

At 3 pm I receive a phone call:

- Inaie, we know you are having a party, can we send a photographer?
- uh?
- This is Bahrain this month ( a local magazine). Can we send a photographer?
- it will be a small party
- can we?
- really small party, nothing special at all
- Excellent! Can we?
- Yeah, I suppose...

And at 9 pm the guy arrived. My hair was still sort of wet, my nails were not done and everything was in the best "inaie style" .

I think they have nothing to cover at the mopment, so even non glamurous parties are "it"...

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