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The right to reply

Do you remember the post I wrote about how pissed off I was when my former professor was excluded from a group of jornalists because of "bad behavior"? You don't remember?? Well, go back there and have a look.

Today I received a message from my professor, Giba, telling us his side of the story. I know nobody reads comments on old posts, so I will publish his comment here. It is only fair. Please forgive the poor translation - it is always hard for me to capture the soul of other people's writtings.


1- I did not call anyone any names, or abused someone's mother out of the blue.
2 - As a professional jornalist and ex director of the Union in Campinas/SP/Brazil, I asked a colleague who was criticizing the Union, what was his Union registration number. Was he a member - I wanted to know. His response was simple: he said he did not have to explain himself to any jornalist, and for sure not to me, a person with no moral grounds to challenge others. Another person who is also part of the group, got into the discussion, and defended the guy who was attacking me. He got there saying I was nothing but shit, that I deserved no respect from anyone and he should explain to everyone some points in regards to my professional conduct. We called each other names, abused each other, and after lots of lies were told about me, the guy who refused to give his Union registration number, said I should get shock threatment because I was insane. I had no doubts - my reply was simple - Your mother should get the shocks, for delivering such a piece of shit into the world.

3 - I still have no idea who is the moderator of the group. I don't even know if there is a moderator.

4 - I promised that i would not take any crap from anyone

5 - When I thought everything was water under the bridge, I was expelled from the group, without a word from anyone.
6 - If you are interested in reading the conversation that took place on that group, just ask me, I can send a copy by e mail.



If you want a copy of the story, just e mail me  - inaieramalho@hotmail.com and I will translate and send it to you.

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