domingo, abril 17


Every time I am anywhere where tiger balm is sold, i am automatically the shopper's target. they go out of their way to convince me ti buy some.

I confess it upsets me because I know ( ???) these creams are for sexual use. I am not sure what it does, but I can imagine. What bothers me is the thought that everyone selling this thing either believes I am a sexaholic who needs help, or a frustrated, frigid woman who has no idea what an orgasm is.

I get fed up - but i am not brave enough to trow a tantrun, so I sulk.

My misery got to an end ( or got much worse) when Alice and some friends came for dinner and she told me, out of the blue, I should use it. She even offered to give me one - as she had several at her place.

Alice, Alice, who would think that, uh?

It took me all my strenght to finally complain about this situation:

- Alice, so tell me once and for all : do I look like a sex addict or a orgasmless woman?

Everybody looked at me with blank faces, but I was delighted I was finally standing up for myself.

After minutes of confused looks, someone was brave enough to ask what the fuck what I meant.

Well, I know this cream is to enhance sexual performance and EVERYONE keeps telling me I should use it. So i wonder what makes me such an easy target.

My friends broke into a compulsive laughter, and I was sure they were laughing because they agreed with the tiger balm sales professionals - there was something seriously worng with me, and it was hilarious I had no idea what it was.

After a long time, someone recovered their breath and managed to say:

- Inaie, tiger balm is for muscular pain...

SHIT! All those guys thought i had artrithis!!

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  1. i think they actally keep viagra in tiger balm bottle in Bahrain.
    HA HA HA

  2. Hi Inaie
    I didn't understand yet where do you live.