quinta-feira, fevereiro 16

I could easily write a book about my day - yesterday.

As soon as Lia's teacher suggested she was not making up her pain to miss school, she was in real pain, I started calling the hospitals to let them know we were coming to the emergency room.

German Hospital (considered to be the best orthopedics in Bahrain)
- Hello! My daughter hurt herself, I'll take her for a consultation now.
- Sorry, we only have appointments for tomorrow.
- Sorry, I expressed myself poorly. She fell, got hurt and I'm taking her to the emergency room.
- Emergency only tomorrow ...
I hung up. But I could not believe what I heard, and trully thinking it has been a misunderstanding, I called back. Another person answered the phone.

- What is the best entry  to the emergency room?
- Emergency room?
- My daughter is hurt, in lots of pain, I'm with her in the car now and I am driving to your hospital, so someone can see her.You are the best orthopedic hospital in Bahrain. I want to know where to park to go to the emergency room.
- Ah! She has an appointment?
- No. She just got hurt. It's an emergency.
- There is no emergency here.

I hung up again.Now explain to me, please. This is an ORTHOPAEDICS hospital. How can it afford NOT to have an emergency room? Isn't Orthopedics the specialty that takes care of broken bones? Or people plan to break them and call in advance for an appointment ?

Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
-  I need an appointment with Dr Khalifa.
- He is traveling. Will be back next week.
- Is there another orthopedist there?
- Of course we do.
- So we can see anyone.
- Please give me the patient's info.
I gave Lia's information and explained she already is Dr Khalifa's  patient.
- Private patient?
- Yes
- So you need to come back in the evening. We do not see private patients in the morning.
- But it is an emergency.
- Private Emergencies only in the evening ...

I took the car and drove there  anyway, because I know  the hospital and the doctors are good.
I arrive at the gate and am greeted by friendly guards armed with machine guns. I do not care. We are in the military hospital, after all ...

- Where is the emergency?
- I do not speak English (the guy answered in English)
- Yes you do. You are speaking English.
- But I do not know where the emergency is ...
Oh good! So you lie to me because it is easier, right?  ( ​​I thought but never said it, because the guy had a gun in his hand, remember?)

Another guy comes around

- Where is the emergency?
- Go out. Drive all the way around the hospital and go inside on the last gate.

I do what I'm told and I arrive in orthopedics.
I give Lia's  documents. The guy looks at them and say:

- Private practice only in the afternoon. Now we only take care of the public.
- No problem. Give me public service.
- No. You are a private patient. I Can not do that.

I begging to yell:

- My daughter is hurt! Will you get someone to see her or I will make a mess here. This is not a candy store, this is a hospital!
- Ah! Then go to the emergency room.
Lia could no longer walk. I left her leaning against a wall and went to the emergency room.
I got there shouting:

- My daughter is in pain. I've been everywhere in this bloody hospital. I want a wheelchair and a doctor NOW!
The wheelchair appeared mysteriously. The guy immediately starts  processing my request. When he opens his mouth to say that I was a private patient I start to growl and he sends me immediately to a PEDIATRICIAN.

At least Lili was seen by a doctor. The pediatrician sent her to the X-ray and realized that her foot was broken.
While we were there,  a handsome doctor comes in, all dressed up in a military uniform and says:
- Do you have some orthopedic patient for me?
As Lia was being cared for by the pediatrician,I thought having an orthopedist  would be an "upgrade". I pointed at her and her broken foot.

- Oh no. Not her. She is a private patient ...
As soon as he saw  I'd probably have a heart attack, he explained:
- I am looking for patients for my students to train on.
OK, Lia definitely would not be a guinea pig for his pupils!

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