terça-feira, julho 5

Temporary accomodation

We've been here for a few days and I'm already wondering why the hell we decided to leave our lovely house ...

Then, withou lots of effort, I remembered:

Small compound, there was one person who always complained about our parties...

The house was quite large, but only had 3 bedrooms, and we would really like the fourth one, as a guest room ...

Prices are going down, so we'll probably get a bigger house for the same price or even a bit cheaper (fingers crossed ...)

So in the end it will be worth the sacrifice. We are in a serviced apartment until the girls return from their hols.

The problem is simple: the building is big, but the apartment is quite small. And I did not realize, but the washing machine and dryer are collective, in the corridor.

So quite often you can see me, pyjamas and jandals, taking clothes to wash, then to put in the dryer, then fetch it. But who says I remember?

The clothes pile up ... when I finally remember to wash everything , someone comes, take my wet yet dirty clothes off the collective machine and place theirs instead. Surelly they must be in a hurry, and have no manners. I try to count to 10, but it is really irritating!

Sometimes it works well, no one fiddles with our stuff, all stayes where we leave it, but more often then not, I can not remember I now have a washing machine in the corridor and no maid, so i am the one who has to manage the process...
Yesterday I washed the bathroom mats. I remembered to get it into the dryer  ... and forgot. I was reading, feel asleep and suddenly woke up all startled: Oh, where are rugs?? I run towards the collective machine, in my beautiful pijamas and they were all there, neat and crisp, waiting for me. Phew!

Not sure this is the life I am choosing...

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  1. Ahahaha acho que esse lance aí no corredor não dá certo hein?