sexta-feira, julho 29

Journalist's evening

I apologise in advance because I am drunk. I just arrived from a meeting with old friends and some of my uni teachers... Due to high alcohol consumption, I take no responsibility for mitakes, comment and opinions expressed in this post. My memory is ultra fresh - I just arrived from the bar!
I decided to invite a great friend to a meeting with our uni teachers and old friends. She was from my group, she met the same people, she knew it all. What could go wrong?

We went together. I arrived making a mess. I yelled, made jokes, made a fuzz with the people I knew, but haven't seen in so long. She was the opposite. Quiet, calm, subtle.

We chatted, laughed and had fun, until one of my friend decided to say: Ok. Enough. tell everyone who your husband is...

It seems the guys ( her hubby) is quite important. He is a big cheese in a government company, his yearly budget being bigger than the national TV's budget.
But I do not care. She has been my friend since uni. I love her for her witty comments, for her caring words, for herself. i could not care less who is her huband.For me, he will always be "her husband". The ssecond piece in the puzzle, the less important character...

She is the one! Who the hell cares who she is married to? for me she will always be the same person...

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