quinta-feira, julho 7

photo stolen from: interempresas.net

The other night I received a call from a client of mine ( he is alone here - his wife will only come after the summer)
- Inaie, I do not have a microwave.

- And I don't have a ferrari. Your turn - what else you don't have?

- No silly (am I the silly one??), the house I rented came without a microwave. I had no idea.

I wondered if he was lonely and wanted to make small talk or if this story would get somewhere. I decided to shut up and wait.

- So, the thing is: I bought this package of frozen food - and I would make in the microwave. The house has no microwave, I'm hungry and don't know what to do!

- Ahhhhh, now I understand. Go to the feezer, get the package. Look behind the pack ... then I "held his hand" while he read the instructions to "cook" dinner in a conventional oven.

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