quinta-feira, julho 21

Brazilian Generosity

Today we had to be vaccinated against yellow fever. We are going to visit the Amazon jungle soon and the immunization is required.Anita is just like me, terrified of injections, she cries only looking at needles.

Sure enough, as soon as we got there, tears started flowing from her eyes. My heart skipped a beat. I remembered the fear I always felt when I was the one in front of the seringe. It only got better when I had the girls and had no option, but to be strong for them.

I stood there, arms around her, quietly, hoping that my presence would be enough to comfort her.

A lady noticed Anita crying and came to chat with her. She said she had just had the vaccine, and it  did not hurt at all.

She was there for a long time, pampering Anita, helping to calm down her little heart. Soon came another woman, another stranger who saw her tears. She also sat down and joinedthe chat. When Anita´s turn came, the two kind ladies took her by the hand, went with her ​​to the small room where the injection was done. They kept talking, they asked questions, they made sure she was distracted, so when the needle got into her arm, she did not feel a thing.
I stood there, holding my girl, totally impressed by such kindness and generosity from two complete strangers.

I remembered what is so special about my county: it´s people. Brazilians are kind and generous. I left the clinic with tears in my eyes.

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