quinta-feira, julho 28

Chinese Circus

When I saw The pictures for Circo da China, it drove me crazy! It is beautiful, beautiful ... It reminds me of Cirque de Soleil. Who can resist?
I knew I had to go, had to take the girls. We never know when we will have the opportunity to see it again.
I invited friends, family, everyone. And it seemed lots of people wanted to go too. We were 10 in total, but we took a while to close the deal, the seats sold out, we were left out.
The only way was to go during the week, get the cheaper seats. In the end, we were only 5. Me, my kids, Luciane and her boyfriend, who just appeared in our lives...
The girls dressed up, we were all ready to go
The plan was to leave at 6, but Fernando, the new guy on the block thought he was the star ofnthe show, took ages to get ready and delayed our departure in an hour.
tic tac tic tac

Then, we stopped for petrol.

tic tac tic tac

We got the map, the tickets were paid for, all good to go
tic tac tic tac

We arrived in São Paulo. Downtown.

tic tac tic tac

Wow, how strange, is it here? In downtown? I do not remember ...

tic tac tic tac

Ask the driver. the taxi driver...

tic tac tic tac

Where? There? Are you sure? We will never make it...
tic tac tic taac

we heard the map been ripped off
tic taaac

silence in the car

tiiic taaac tiiic

go, go, we can make it

No, it is too late, let's give up
tic tac

We wanna go! We wanna try
tic taac

let's eat something - a nice steak sandwich

tic tac

I am hungry! I am hungry!


wow. Sao paulo looks so clean, so gorgeous and so safe ...


We are at Pinheiros Road. And now? Where was it again?


Oh, it is at the other side. take the bridge, return, go, go, go

We arrived. Ask where is the circus?


On the other side? Take the first bridge, turn, go, go, go ... until the end

tic tac tic tac tic tac

on the other side: I know. take the return go to the other side, go, go, go
tic tac tic tac

Last time, I came here, I took the wrong bridge, ended up in the slum

FAVELA? I do not want to end up in the slums. Are we going to the slum mother?


No baby, we are not going to the slums

tic tic tac

Mum, don't lie - I will notice when we get to the slums, so no point lying to me

where is it? take the bridge back, go all the way

tic tac

Here on this side? no. It is the other side. You can not miss ...


And off went our evening. When the show was almost over, we decided to stop driving in circles, we took the first bridge, we returned and drove back to Campinas. In silence. We stopped at Mac Donalds to eat a cardboard sandwich and went to bed. 11 pm we were all in bed.

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  1. Vim retribuir a visita, e adorei seu espaço. Um beijo carinhoso

  2. ola. tudo blz? estive por aqui. interessante. apareça por la. abraços.