quarta-feira, julho 20

My daughter ...

Anita is now 14, she is now welcome in our social gatherings, and sometimes she is allowed in grown up conversations . Usually, I'm very proud of her. She is super articulated, intelligent and funny. It is quite cute. But sometimes she gets a bit excited ...

Here is the conversation between a friend of mine and my sweet girl:

- What do you do?

- I'm retired. (Important note : this guy is 40 years old)

-  And what did you do before retirement?

- Ok. Maybe it's better to say  I haven't started working yet.
- Hmmm ... And how will you retire? huh?

- When the time comes I will have a plan.

- Look, I actually know a person just like you. And you know what happened to him? He never worked, now he is old and has no money.

And once again I tried to dig a hole and hide there !

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  1. kakakakka. Anita is a very smart and honest girl. I liked it!