domingo, julho 24

I spent a wonderful weekend with my Lost Family in Guaraci ! Don't worry, I will tell you all about the weekend, with photos and everything, in the next posts. Today I will only talk about the "father syndrome" that took over my dad's actions during the weekend.
 I'm thirty-nine years old, I live across the world and have two teenage daughters. Right? Right.
Well we went to my cousin's BBQ party where we met the whole family. The party was great, the company wonderful, and I was dying to spend as much time as I could with them. But my dad decided to leave. 

- Shall we go?

- No. I'll stay. Someone can drive me home later.
- No Inaie. Let's go.

I was not very sure what was going on there, I just stood my position. A minute later, my mother comes, breathless:
- Your dad said if you don't come home with us now, he will not go out tonight and I am not allowed at the party either... 
I'm 39 and my mom is 59 ... and he bosses us both around. To avoid problems, I went home. Soon after, all my cousins joined me at the farm where we were staying. It was fun, we went down to the river, we eat fried fish, we laughed. 

The night we all went to the square - aunts, uncles, cousins, little cousins! The whole Ramalho clan. Guaraci and Olimpia are neighbor cities, and there was a huge party in Olimpia. A regional festival, people coming from all over the country to see it.
My cousins ​​were going, of course.
I agreed to go - I love a good party!

But my dad was quicker than before:

- Don't start, Inaie.

- I am just going to the party with them...
- You will not.

- Ahhhh??

- If you go, I'm never going anywhere with you. If I knew you would be doing THIS, I would not be here. 

I could not believe my ears, but I decided not to create a fuzz.

The hardest part was to explain to my cousins I could not join them because my dad did not let me...

Humiliation! Oh humiliation...

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