sexta-feira, julho 22


We have just celebrated Friend´s day. I never realized such day exists, I can~´t recall ever celebrating it, but by coincidence this year I had the opportunity to be in Brazil, with people I love and haven´t seen for millennia.

Since I arrived, I have been overwelmed by the attention and love I am receiving.I am feeling special and cared for. After so many years away, I realize how much my friends are  important in my life, how responsible they are for the person I am today. Each interaction helped forge my personality.

It's amazing how much I learned from them, how obvious are the transformations that I went through with their intervention, how much change was generated from words and gestures from them. ...

And how good it feels to be here, to hug, laugh and remember special moments.

Thank you my friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for been part of my life. You helped build the person I am today. Thank you for caring, for your generosity, and for making me feel part of your life. 

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