sábado, julho 2


Well, After all that run around, we finally moved. Our stuff is in storage, we are now staying in a serviced apartment in one of the busiest areas of bahrain ( YAY for me - I love being close to restaurants, bars, fun).
Yesterday, our first night at the new place already brought surprises.
I know for sure I have an indian neighbor. How do I know? My corridor smells like curry - all day!
We parked our cars on a straigh line, Fabio's car behind mine. Later on we went out for dinner and when we came back, someone else had taken his place - right behind my car, leaving me no way to get out.
I had no doubts...mid night, I just called the gentleman and asked him to remove his car.
If people have no common sense, I have to give them a little help...

Life is good!

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