quarta-feira, fevereiro 23

What about me?

So Bahrain is sort of a mess. Manifestations here and there. Pro government people block one suburb, anti government block another. We are still safe, but things are far from sorted.
The problem is how I feel in the middle of all this havoc.

Remember i was busy, trying to sort out my personal life? Trying to figure out what to do, how to do it and specially what would I like for the future?

Well, being selfish as one can be ( specially now with the earthquake in NZ), my internal mechanism can only think about itself.

I am still full on dedicated to get my heart, mind and life into a happy path. I am considering meditation. I am considering ( and using) EFT, I am visiting a therapist, I am crying, I am laughing, I am talking to friends.To some at least. I am still working. I am still moving. And as the days pass by, instead of getting closer to a solution, I feel even more lost, even more confused.

But I believe in love. I believe in happiness and I will continue my journey.

Sorry if I don't make any sense. very few things do at the moment.

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  1. I hope you'll whatever you can overcome if you believe in all that!good luck!

  2. Mediation is really good!! have you tried doing yoga? That will def. help you and make you feel so much better inside and out. Nothing wrong to be selfish sometimes. You have to love yourself and care about yourself first before you can handle anything in life!

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  3. Listen to this song maybe it'll but you more into a mood!!


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