sábado, fevereiro 26


Today I was surfing the blogsphere when I found a blog ( I am sorry, in Portuguese), discussing fantasies and betrayal. It says it is Ok to have fantasies, that everyone has them , but to act on it is a whole different story, and then it talks about relationships, commitment and respect. well written, and it made me think.

In the past it would be easy to get me excited, defending impalement as a fair punishment for betrayals. the time passed, I believe I met more people, heard more stories, witnessed different life stories and saw two different sides to the story.

I saw women who forgave the cheating husband to protect the family, some " forgave" to protect the patrimony, some just because they saw no way out.

I saw people who could not stand it, suffered, cried, made scenes, one even danced with huge heels ( mine) on top of her husband's car. My shoes and the car were never, ever the same after that...

My questions after reading that post were about the definition of betrayal. What is cheating?

Is thinking about someone else betrayal?
Is acting on that impulse betrayal?

Is cyber sex betrayal?

Does it need to be emotional involvement to be betrayal? What about sex with prostitutes? Is it?

Is emotional involvement enough to be classified as betrayal?

It is easy to judge - and so many times I were guilt of judging others, but reality is only the people involved in the situation will know what is worth doing to hold the relationship together. Only the partners will know their story, their commitment, their truth and what to do.

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  1. Amiga, sabe onde que o safado do sapo congelado estava??? Naquele selinho após meu peso e dicas de emagrecimento, o selo está escrito: SEJA QUEM VOCÊ QUER SER/pROJETO mINHA nOVA VERSÃO.

    Hoje o sapo desapareceu.

    Ainda bem.

    Bjoca Nara.

  2. very thought provoking........and so true

  3. received by e mail - Just got through reading about what you said about betrayal.

    It comes in many forms- the most obvious being infidelity, and yet that's not the worst way to betray someone. Indifference, apathy, and selfishness is what wrecks marriages.

    Not being brave enough to fully committ emotionally, and spiritually to another person- always having one eye on the exit.

    I wrote the book on this form of betrayal.

    When I was younger I rushed to judge others, and beleieved that marriage was the be all, and end all.

    I'm not so sold on the institution of marriage any more. It locks you into life with one person, with no acknowledgement that people change. It says that you only get one chance at happiness, and it can only be with one person.

    That's bullshit.

    As you can see, it hit a nerve.

    Hope things are better in your neck of the woods.

  4. E eu me apaixonando por vc Inaie, beijos do ZC

  5. Tem selinho do meme literario pra vc!


  6. Inaie, é muito verdade o que disse sobre cada casal ter sua história sim. E concordo com o que o seu leitor mandou por email. Acho que existem formas muito piores de traição do que a infidelidade.

  7. Tem presente pra vc la no blog...

  8. “Then you should have died! Died, rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!” Harry Potter.

  9. "Love is whatever you can still betray ... Betrayal can only happen if you love"