sexta-feira, fevereiro 18


Yesterday, just before sunset, the police broke another manifestation in Manama. Once again there were injuries and deaths. People are talking about dozens of injured people, some are mentioning hundreds. There is no way to know for sure.

What we all know is how things are escalating quickly, how everything is spinning out of proportion and how violence is generating more violence and more conflict.

It is impossible not to fear, impossible not to feel for the people who embraced us with such care when we chose to live in their country.

As an expat living in Bahrain, I feel safe. My suburb is quiet, there is no animosity against us. the conflicts are in specific areas and where we live, there are slight changes to our routine. The streets are empty. The gates are locked. Most business are closed, but supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations are operating normally. The day before yesterday there were no eggs, bread or milk at our local supermarket. Yesterday they were all stocked up again.

Many people are leaving the island. We decided to stay and wait. See what will happen.

2 comentários:

  1. thank you for writing the truth, neutral and not adding the sensation like the worlds big boys in media.
    best of luck and best wishes

  2. Devo ser sincera, eu estaria com medo.
    Pena que coisas assim precisem acontecer.
    Espero que as coisas melhorem e vcs estejam bem e seguros.
    Um abraço