segunda-feira, maio 31

Leticia - my sweet angel

About 5 years ago, I was standing in a delivery room, watching this gorgeous girl come to this world. Truth to be told, Adriana, her mother, sort of scammed me into being there. And I was. White as a sheet of paper, not able to move my legs...

Today I am so grateful I have no words. This day is imprinted in my memory and the emotion I felt was unique, never repeated. One day I promise to tell this story, but today is all about our re union.

After Ana's farewell, I went back to Adriana's home. I would have the chance to spend some time with her, my gorgeous girl, her husband and meet Tiago, her son, who was born in Switzerland less than 3 years ago.

We came home all chatty, remembering stories and laughing a bit. I wanted to see the house, a gorgeous place, right in the artificial island, - that one, shaped like a palm).Suddenly, this lovely little girl walks into the kitchen. Her hair all messed up, her eyes very sleepy, she heard some noise and wanted to join the fun! It was Leticia, my little princess. I gave her a kiss and we all went to bed.

It was hard for me to sleep in. At 6 am I was awake. Then I forced myself to sleep again, and woke up at 7, 8, until I heard some voices in the kitchen. WOHOO, the kids were up.

Leticia and I were like old friends, she hugged me, kissed me and decided to spend tome with me.

Adriana swears she is exactly like that with E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. If you ask me, I think Adriana is just jealous.

Tiago, the brother, was a bit more cautious. He would come in and out of the kitchen. Say things and not wait for the answers. When his mother said:

- Come and give my friend a Kiss

he was quick to reply:

- Mum's friend is upstairs. Sleeping.

He had no idea who was that stranger right in the Middle of his kitchen, and took him a while to accept I was the same person who was allegedly sleeping at the guests room.

Unfortunately Adriana was not feeling well and we decided it would be better if I went out, and left her to rest a bit. The poor woman was shivering with cold and it was 40 degrees celsius!

Off I went to Rosana's house.

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