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My blond friend is not stupid at all!

I have a very clever friend. She is an excellent physio therapist, specialized in children with special needs. She travels the world giving lectures and courses on new therapies and equipment for children with cerebral pausy.. She went to Egypt, and lectured at Cairo University. In Brazil, she is the only one who knows how to do this "stuff"she does. She happens to be blond. (and I, who am not blonde, do not know how to begin trying to explain).

The thing is, doesn't matter how clever she is or what a genious she is when it has to do with her work. When she is not working, she is living on the clouds. The truth is, on day to day, mundane stuff, she just doe not have a clue.

Just as an example. She is selling two plasma TVs (LCD maybe?), And I'm interested in buying a 52 " to watch the World Cup in style, so I called het to get the details about the TV.

- Hey, I heard you are sellinga  couple of TVs. I may be interested in one of them. What size are they?

- They are very big ones. These large ones, you know? Flat screen.

- Well, I would rather know the actual sizes. Just to be sure that's what I am looking for.... but are they flat screens? Or are they plasma or LCD?

- The biggest one must be 27 inches. Very big. And they are both these thin, flat screen, the ones you can hang on the wall.

- 27 "Ah, what a shame. I really want a 52". This one (the TV was right in front of us) is 32"and I am looking for a big one to watch the world cup with friends! You said you can hang it on the wall like a picture? That must be plasma, LCD or LED.

- Oh! That is a 32"? So mine is probably 47", 52" or something, because it is much bigger. And maybe the smaller one is 42" because even the smaller one is much bigger than that one.

She agreed to measure the TV when she got home and call me. She would also check if the TV was plasma or LCD.

I forgot about it. The next day, a mutual friend said:

- Hey, you saw that girl is selling her 47 " TV?

I remembered the story and called her:

- Hey, did you measure the TV? (I was hoping to hear that it was at least 46 ")

- Oh, no, I did not measure it yet. I have no tape. But someone told me it should be at least 46"and the smaller 42". Because they are huge.

- So do me a favor. Measure it tomorrow and call me, okay?

We agreed she would go to a furniture store next morning, pick up a measuring tape and check the size of the TV SHE wants to sell.I am the buyer here, by the way!

That would not be a big problem because she had a couple of meetings at the shopping mall where she could easily get the darn tape.
Next day:

- Did you get the tape?

I actually had a feeling she was not going to get the tape OR measure the TV, so I managed to swing by a shop and buy the measuring tape, just in case she hadn't.

- I did not. I went to the mall and such, but I had no time. I am in such a hurry lately ...

- Just follow me. We will go to my place, I will give you the damn tape, you go  home, measure both TVs and let me know, ok?

She followed me indeed. And I gave her the tape. And I waited. A lot. Several hours later, I managed to call her once again:

- So, tell me. Is it all measured now? How big are they? This suspense is killing me!

- You will not believe me, but I did not do it. Not yet. I slept. I was so tired, you would not believe it ... But I'll do that now. Oops, I left the tape in the car!

We agreed that she would go down to her garage, get the tape I had given her, then she would go back to her apartment and measure the television (I am not even sure I want it anymore. Maybe it is jinxed or something)

I was about to call my doctor and ask for anti depressants. Maybe that would be the only way.

An hour later she calls me:

- All done. The big one is 37. "And the other one and 32."

At the time I felt a mixture of sadness because the TV is what I wante, and a total relief because this marathon is over!

This week I am walking into a TV shop and I will just buy a brand new, 52"TV to watch the world cup!!

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