sábado, maio 15


Once upon a time I had a great boss in New Zealand. We actually had a great relationship and even did some stuff together sometimes.

I am crazy for shoes and convinced her to go shoe shopping one weekend. Off we went to this gorgeous Brazilian shop, where they had Arezzo and Shutz, right in Auckland. Sweet.

As soon as I entered the shop, I feel in love with this gorgeous pair. It would be hard to imagine my life without them...

V looked at it, and without blinking, just said:

- Whore shoes. Take this other ones. They are pretty and far more sensible...

I did as I was told (as I always do kkk) and we left the shop. When I got to the car, I had no air to breath, I just made up an excuse, said I forgot my credit card at the counter and run back inside the shop, to rescue my fab shoes from the shelf.

This happened over 5 years ago, and yesterday, on my 15th wedding anniversary I wore those shoes, the gorgeous, wonderful whore shoes. And they look pretty new...

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