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This friend of mine is a very special person. She is kind, thoughtful, funny, clever. She is at the same time wild and conservative, a combination I have not seen before I met her. We spent lots of time together, we had a blast when I was living in New Zealand.

She is an amazing friend. I love her. To bits. I made sure she met all the friends I could possibly introduce to her. Always.

I can't be with her all the time now. She is in New Zealand, I am in Bahrain. Our lives took different paths, although I know my heart will always be with her.

My relationship with CK is different from many others. She is a very reserved person. She is a listener. I don't have to dispute the floor with her. If anything, I have to drag her to the stage. If anything happens to most of my friends, I will know it, one way or another. Their families will contact me. Mutual friends will remember to call. I will read something on someone's facebook... One way or another, any news, good or bad will reach me quickly enough.

With CK things are different. We have no common friends. Her family does not know me. I am not her next of keen. And being as private as she is, I will hear nothing from Facebook. I can only rely on HER sending me updates. Which she does, sort of does, anyway...

I freaked out about it another day, and she promised me she would write a post it note and fix it on her computer monitor:

If anything happens to me, please contact Inaie in Bahrain - phone 973 39584015.

The problem is that I have not heard from her in ages now. And I sent e mails. FAcebook messages, text messages... and still nothing from her!

So I am hoping this blog entry will embarrass her enough and she will send me an update. Before I call the police and the fire brigade!!!

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