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Sharjah, Jamile and her family

As I got out of the airport, I was ready to wait for Jamile forever. Let me explain. She promised to pick me up, but this friend of mine never made to an appointment on time. Ever.

She is great and has an unique character. We could write a book about her. Or a soap opera. I'm sure it would be a best seller and would remain in the list for a long time. She is one of a kind, but Jamile is always late, never remembers where she left the car keys or where she parked the car. I remember her kids always complaining she was late to pick them up from school most days.

With this historic, what should I expect?

Imagine my surprise when I get out of the gate and straight in front of me is Jamile, all smiles! I could not believe it and kept looking to make sure it was her, and not an impostor or a clone.

When I was convinced it was really her, I kissed and hugged her a lot, then we went looking for her car, of course she could not remember where she parked. Some things never change!

5 years ago, When I lived in the Emirates, Jamile was my constant companion. We did lots of stuff together. We went shopping, we visited her friends, she showed me places I would never be able to visit alone. I went to local weddings, parties and dinners. I had a blast! Even her husband, an Emirate, adopted me and my kids and took us everywhere with his family. We went to the desert for barbeques, we visited other Emirates and he showed us some amazing places.

Jamile has SIX children. She had four, and on her last pregnancy, the twins came. When the family get together, they are 8 people. Imagine travelling in a family this size!

The most amazing thing is how Jamile chooses to live her life. She was born in Brazil and relocated to the Emirates more than 20 years ago. She fell in love with an Emirate, left the life she knew behind and ventured into a foreign land. She adopted the country, his family, embraced new habits - all in the name of love. Despise all the changes, Jamile's heart is pretty much green and yellow. She welcomes all Brazilians who cross her path and makes them feel at home.

With six children and all this exciting life, my friend has collected experiences that turned her into a fascinating woman. Jamile never gets angry, she is never upset or furious. She always has a kind word to offer and she is always available to help anyone who needs a hand.

From the airport, we went straight to her house. I was eager to see her kids. Luckily they were all at home. The twins, who were toddlers when I left, turned into beautiful children. A girl and a boy who are now seven years old, active, fun and very cute. As soon as I arrived, the house turned into a cat walk. Hinudi became Cinderella, dressed with a wonderful Disney costume and Abad was spiderman.

Ahmed, who is a bit older, showed me all his tricks on the computer. With a family that size, they have lap tops everywhere.

Jamile's children are polyglots. They Speak English, Portuguese, Arabic and now they are learning French.

Salem who was 10 when I left, is now a man, all grown up. Unfortunately he saw no advantage in spending time with this stranger who kept remembering stories he lived 5 years ago. SAlem was polite and made sure he left us as soon as he could.

Maisson, who was a teenager 5 years ago, turned into this stunning woman. She is greaceful, pretty and kind. She is studying electric engineering, but already has plans to go into international commerce. She is not only a pretty face. She is pretty clever too. And from what I heard, quite a brave girl. When she last went to Brazil, she went paragliding. ( I would love to see Jamile's face...kkk)

The oldest son already flew the nest and is studying in USA. I keep telling Jamile how he must have been driving all the american ladies crazy. She did not find it a bit funny. Specially when I told her he would come home with a bunch of american girlfriends.

I saw the kids, had lunch, chatted a bit with the family and JAmile and I went to the hair salon, like the old days. After all this time apart, I had the impression we had seen each other last week. We picked up the conversation where we last left it off. We laughed, we talked about everything and nothing, just like in the old days.

I had a magical day, spent with princesses and superheroes in a house full of warmth and joy.

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