sábado, maio 15

15 year old marriage

Fabio and I have been married for 15 years now. It is unbelievable how fast time goes! I remember the day I met him, I remember how I fell in love, I remember tiny details...

This year we decided to celebrate our anniversary with friends. We organized a dinner party at our place. 15 close friends.

I was running a bit late with the party preparation, so just before my guests arrived, I was checking the details: was the toilet clean enough? did we have a hand towel at the guests basin? What about the drinks? where they cold enough? When I was ready to go up and get ready, I realized I had forgotten to iron my outfit. The party outfit. SHIT!

I quickly went downstairs again and asked my helper to quickly iron it for me. I was going to have a shower and Fabio could bring it up when she finished. Everyone agreed with my master plan, and off I went to my deserved shower.

I sang, washed my hair, and when I was done, I still had 20 minutes before the party's time. I looked everywhere for my clothes. They were nowhere to be seen. Fabio forgot to bring them up. Not very pleased, I went down the stairs wrapped in a towel, stomping my feet, trying to show Fabio my disapprovement.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the living room and my first guest was already there, happily chatting to Fabio.

Oh, ohhhh

I made a silly joke, Fabio run to get the outfit, I went up, got dressed and spent the rest of the party trying to pretend I was not embarrassed. At all...

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