terça-feira, maio 18

Colective gifts!

I love celebrations, parties, birthdays, weddings...any reason to celebrate! And to give presents. Each gift is an adventure. You have to think what would you like to express, how do you want the person to feel, what would she/he like and what do YOU want to buy!

I know most my friends feel the same because we all discuss what we are going to buy, what we are planning...

Today we went to a birthday brunch. The birthday girls happens to be leaving the country soon and we all feel a bit funny about it. Happy for her and her new adventure and selfishly sad because she is leaving us.

I was chatting with my friend  "X" while she was placing the present at the "gift section the party, when this woman comes rushing and says:

- Is this the card for the big gift? The one in the yellow bags?

- hmmmm, yes.

Without further ado, she took the card from X's hand, wrote her own name and a message for the birthday friend and left. As if it was the most common thing to do.

I kept thinking to myself:

Was that a genuine mistake? Or is is just a way of life? If you forget/choose not to buy the hostess a gift, do you just sign on the biggest present's card and pretend it is from you as well?

Unfortunately X was speechless and did not say anything, which was a big pity.

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