quarta-feira, outubro 19

Part of my job is net working, so I attend many lunches, breakfasts, social events. This week I went to a morning tea organized by the wifes employees of company we provide services for.
One of the women, who happens to be my friend, had just had a baby and the whole group was interested in knowing all the latest details. How did the birth go, was she breastfeeding, how was the baby, did he cry a lot?
The conversation was very light, until a aldy said:
- My daughter also just gave birth.
And from there, she starts to explain, detail by detail how her the girl went into labor, how hard it was, how everything was very fast (3 hours) and how the baby was born in a hospital emergency room near their house, as the ambulance did not have time to take her to the maternity.

Then she says the hardest part was to manage helping her daughter while calming down her 5 year old grandchild who was terrified with all the screaming.
I believe this question crossed everyone's mind, but only one lady actually asked:
- But where was the baby's dad? was not at home?

- My daughter was raped. The baby will not have a father ...

Deathly silence.
 I confess that I did not know what to say, what face to put on, where to look. And I think everyone else felt mortified with the casual comment.

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  1. Oi flor, passei poraki e ja estou
    seguindo aki linda
    passa la no meu tbm,


  2. Oh my Gosh! Poor girl! That's so terrible! There is nothing to say in cases like that.