segunda-feira, outubro 24


True story. Names omitted to protect the drunk.

- You're late. Where are you?
- In the taxi. Almost there. 10 minutes.
- You sound weird. Are you drunk?
- Nooooo.

10 minutes later ...

- Where are you?
- In the taxi. 10 minutes.

Mother looses her patience and yells at her daughter who is still not making sense or saying where she is.
Mother wakes father up. father gets fed up because he wants to sleep. He does not seem to believe in shared responsibilities.
Mother has an idea. She locks the gate, the front door and go for a long bath. The daughter will have to ring the bell when she arrives. That will wake Father up to open the door - then he will have to take some responsibility. Master plan! Mother is a genius.
Plan failed. Daughter did not come home.
Mother calls again (what happened to shared responsibility? Father went back to sleep a long time ago).
Daughter did not pick up the phone.

Daughter called back. Weeping. Asking someone to go pick her up from the cinema, less than 5 minutes away from her house.

Mother was very upset, sick of all the lying ( what happened to her child being in a taxi, 10 min away?), She decided to give the phone to Father who once again complained about being woken up.
Father moans, but goes towards the car. He was going to pick his daughter up.
Mother sees what is happening and takes the opportunity to excell in creativity. She quickly changes her clothes, get into her Winnie the pooh pajamas and joins father in the rescue jorney.
They arrive at the cinemato find the drunk daughter amongst 20 boys. Daughter gets in the car, mom runs out of the car, wearing her Winnie the Pooh nightie.

Mother questions the boys, the movie theater employees andwhoever she can get ahold of.
Father stays in the car. Quiet.

Daughter sits in the back. Even quieter.
Mother, who was already angry, becomes even more furious when she hears the story.
Daughter left home and went  to a neighborhood she is forbidden to go without adult supervision. She went with semi-strangers, boys she recently met at school. She lied saying she was going to a friend's house where the parents could no speak English, so no way Mother would be able to speak with them. Daughter then drunk wisky and  got drunk.
Mother feels disappointed, angry, worried. All at the same time. And she does not feel very forgiving. She slaps her daughter's face and get into the car. The family goes home.
- My face hurts.

- It hurts because you got a slap.

- Who slapped me?

- I did, I gave you a slap ...

And only then Mother realised there were no learnings from the experience.

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