sábado, outubro 8


On my last post, I was complaining about the shitty chain of errors that surround our life in the Middle East and the inability some people have to admit they do not know / do not understand / can not do something.

Yesterday we were finally leaving the flat and moving into the new house.

Of course there was a clown who parked on the sidewalk blocking my car. I called the watchman to call the owner and get te car removed. Minutes later, the watchman came with the car keys (sounds familiar? If it does not, have a quick read of my previous post ...).

Then he gets into the car, put it in neutral (automatic car) and brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrr ... .... keeps accelerating like a madman, not understanding that the car will not move.

Suddenly he changes gear, the car jumps and dies. Then he reverse it, the car jumps back and die again. And this crap continues forever, until I lose my patiance, get out of the car and tell him:

- Look, you do not know how to drive. You will crash this car like the other watchman did yesterday. It will cause problems for you. Go back inside, call the owner of the car and tell him to move it.
- Madame, you move it.

- Not way in hell. Go back inside, call the owner of the car and tell him to move it.

And the watchman ignored me and went back to his little routine. BRRRRRR BRRRRRRRR .... ..... leaps forward, dies, reverse,  leaps backwards, dies. I was about to give up. I picked up a book and started reading, when a pedestrian felt sorry for him and moved the car.
I left that building to never go back, but I know many other accidents will happen because the tenants are lazy, irresponsible ( bkocking people) and the watchmen are not brave enough to recognise their limitations.

Sad, sad...

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