sábado, outubro 15


When Anita was born, my Heart and my soul were filled with joy, just as it happens to all mothers who have just brought another child to the world.
That overwhelming feeling, that the world could stop now, that nothing else matters...
And with these strong and deep emotions, comes the realization that you were once loved like that too.

With time you become just like your mum and your grandma, and start saying things like:

- wait until you are a mother...
Now I am entering a whole new phase. I am a teenager's mum. 

Another magicmoment, other discoveries, different learnings. This time your kid is subjected to much more external influences than ever before.

You see your kid grow wings, make decisions for themselves, choose things that are going to forge their future and it doesn't matter how much you want to be part of it all, you're nothing but a mere observer. A facilitator maybe, but not more than that.

My oldest daughter is choosing her high school subjects. These choices will help shape her  future, her college, her career. And I see her torn between cooking and business. Cooking wins. My heart sinks. Two weeks later she changes her mind and course. Business it is. Phew ...

I know the decisions are now hers, i can only make suggestions, but it is hard to just sit and watch.

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