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But today's post has nothing to do with gifts for you, but it is all about my very own gifts. I love giving and receiving them. I simply love it.

Another day Shanthi, a great friend of mine, came to visit and casually said: 

- Wow, that's cool.
- Was a gift from one of my girlfriends.
- And that thing there is beautiful.
- Someone else's gift.
- That stuff there is so cute
- Gift.
- ... 
- Gift.

It was only then that I realized all the gifts I get. 90% of the plants in my house were gifts. And I love plants. The photos on my walls (various photographers, independent friendships) are mostly gifts, I also got masks, perfumes, clothes, bags, decoration stuff, glassware, jewelry ... 've got a bit of everything gifted to me at one stage or another.

And you know what touched me the most when I realized this?

What every little thing I've ever won was the result of someone thinking of me, when they were not with me.
And in every corner of my house, I have memories of loved ones, people I love and who have left their fingerprint in my life. What an amazing feeling! And the greatest gift of all, is the affection and friendship that fills my heart with joy!

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