quarta-feira, maio 4


I was going to Brazil and asked my mother to call some friends and let them know I was on my way. She made some calls and then...

- Hello, can I speak with Scoundrel please?
- What?
- S C O U N D R E L, please
- Who do you think you are talking to, lady?
- Oh, I am Inaie's mum...
- Scoundrel speaking!

During the same holidays, my kids saw the same guy in a public place and had no doubts:


he run to hug them, hoping they would stop the yelling!

Of course there is an explanation for all of it.
Marcelo has been Fabio's friend forever and 20 some years ago, someone called him scoundrel, just to make fun of him. the nickname stuck, I met him, the time passed.

My kids and my mum never realised he may actually have another name, they only know him by Scoundrel. And they are probably the only ones who still call him that.

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