terça-feira, maio 17

Who used all the COLD water? (versao em portugues logo abaixo dessa)

Can you see the white "thing"on top of the house? That is the house's water reservoir. In Bahrain our temperatures in summer easily reach 50C. ahh... you can now imagine how hot the water gets inside the water tank!

This is a typical Bahraini home. Square, big and cream color. The roofs are flat because it never rains here, so there is no need to make inclined roofs that will help the water slide down it. The color is always cream, beije, sand...so it does not get too dirty when you have a sand storm. My neighbour's house is white - and in less than a year it looks old and run down.

But this post is not about architecture. It is about water in the desert...

The temperature is now reaching 46 degrees and summer is not yet at full speed. Hotter temperatures are on the way - we all know it.

One think we already realised is that the cold water is gone. You heard me. You turn the tap on and the water is hot. Not warm - HOT. And the showers too, of course.

If the house has a hot water cylinder INSIDE the property, you turn it off and use the "hot" water as your cold water. It works well. If you don't have one of those, there are a couple of options : wake up at 3 am and take a warm shower instead of a HOT shower later on, or fill up the bath tub, turn the AC on and wait for the water to cool off.

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